Story 4 The battle of life

My name is Vanu. I grew up on the banks of the Kirtankhola River in Barisal. I can’t say the exact age, but I was born after the war of independence. No one could tell if I was a boy or a girl by looking at my genitals at the time of birth. Along with my family, society has made me stand in the Hijra Qatar. They used to call me Hijrai. In the last years of my life, I came in contact with some people like me and found out that I am not a Hijra, I am an Intersex person.

It made me grow up like a girl from a young age but after a few days my breasts of girls my age did not change much. I have never had a period. The road to the birth of my child is also naturally closed so I am not married in this huge world I am just mine.

Gender is such a difficult word, I don’t understand it, but I mean love. I had a girlfriend, Rani.

People like me feel good and bad. I still have to ferry fish with a basket on my head all day to eat twice as much. I don’t have a house to rest at the end of the day. Maybe you are wondering where is my family? Everyone is there but I am not among them. I am as insignificant as the water hyacinth that floats to them. Fighting for food all day and sleeping in front of Alhelal Hotel at night.

I am neglected by society and family for my sex. I want to live well with as little respect as I can.

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